• Zinc Citrate 50mg 60caps / Tsinktsitraat

Serving Size 1 Capsule

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value

Zinc (from zinc citrate) 50 mg 455%

What is Swanson Zinc Citrate?

The human body is a complex instrument. It may surprise some people to learn about some of the elements within us. We are not just blood, flesh and bone. Our composition is intricate and includes essential minerals like zinc.

Along with iron, zinc is one of the minerals essential for a healthy body. We absorb it from foods such as beef, chicken and milk but sometimes we need to top up with a supplement. Levels of zinc in our body depend upon how much of it we ingest and absorb, hence the levels are affected by what we eat and drink. Alcohol in particular may interfere with the way that zinc is absorbed. This could contribute to the lack of zinc in our system leading to a deficiency.

Zinc deficiency is more common in some societies around the world, particularly where there are issues in maintaining a healthy diet. Symptoms that could indicate a lack of zinc include loss of appetite, dry skin, and chronic kidney failure.

What is Swanson Zinc Citrate used for?

Gingivitis is one condition we may suffer from if there is not enough zinc in our system. Using a mouthwash after brushing your teeth with toothpaste may help to improve the condition and zinc citrate is one of the ingredients found in both preparations.

If you have a medical condition such as liver cirrhosis, or are recovering from major surgery, your body may not absorb enough zinc. If you suffer with anorexia or bulimia, this could result in you having lower levels of zinc in your system. Taking Swanson Zinc Citrate may also help you to gain weight and lift mood changes that can be associated with eating disorders.

Some medical conditions occur because we have too much of one element in our system. Wilson's disease is a hereditary disease, where sufferers have an excess of copper in their body. Zinc Citrate has the benefits of acting as a barrier so that too much copper cannot be absorbed into the body.

Supplementing your diet with Zinc Citrate could benefit you in the following ways:

  • It may relieve symptoms of diarrhoea
  • The risk of lost vision could be reduced
  • It may help burn wounds to heal quicker
  • Bowel health may improve making food abasorption easier
  • It could help to relieve symptoms of the common cold

What is the recommended dosage for Swanson Zinc Citrate?

One Zinc Citrate capsule can be taken once daily with food and water. However, it could cause stomach upsets if taken on an empty stomach. Stay safe and never take more than the specified dose, as it could lead to problems like fatigue and fever.

Zinc supplements may be safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, however you should always consult a medical professional for guidance before taking health supplements.

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Zinc Citrate 50mg 60caps / Tsinktsitraat

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