3-in-1 Foam Roller Set / Massaažirullide komplekt

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Foam roller are popular recovery-tools for many years already and are in use for relieving muscle pain, improving flexibility, warming up muscles and for possibly relieving trigger points. Foam rolling is also known as Self-Myofascial Release, an alternative therapy which treats pain and inflexibility of skeletal muscles by relaxing these and improving blood flow.

The Foam Roller Set includes the following:

Foam Roller - A durable foam roller made out of rigid foam. Thanks to nubs more pressure is applied to the muscle tissue, which makes the foam roller perfect for being used on your leg muscles, your glutes, and your upper back.
Massage Roller - The orange roller is a bit smaller than the Foam Roller and is made out of a softer foam. This makes the Massage Rolle suitable for more sensitive tissue like your lower back, which is best not treated with the more rigid roller.
Massage Stick - At last, the set also contains a Massage Stick, which you can use for easy and fast massages. Think of rolling out your quadriceps, calves or shoulders (if you do not have help of someone else).

The combination of these three parts gives you everything you need for an effective Self-Myofascial Release. The different rigidness and size of the single items allows for a precise and goal-oriented massage.

Improve your recovery and your workouts!



Foam Roller - 45cm (length) x 14 cm (diameter)
Massage Roller - 45cm (length) x 10cm (diameter)
Massage Stick - 45cm (length) x 4cm (diameter)

Weight - 1600 gram

You can set up the three single items easily, so the packaging size does not exceed the size of the Foam Roller. This makes it easy to take the whole set with you and have it always at hand.

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