FA Shaker 500ml Blue/White / Šeiker

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Take care of your comfort and choose the FA NUTRITION SHAKER, which will enable you to prepare essential supplements in an extremely fast and convenient way. The shaker will help you quickly prepare protein and carbohydrate shakes, isotonic drinks and other poweder products used in sports supplementation. The solid material guarantees protection from mechanical damage, and the cap ensures maximum leak-tightness. The handy shape and compact size make the gadget easy to store in a bag or backpack. Shakers also contain two smaller containers, allowing you to store capsules and tablets, as well as an additional portion of powdered formula.


What are the benefits of FA NUTRITION SHAKER 500 ML?

  • A durable 500 ml shaker – the ideal option for preparing pre-training supplements, carbohydrates, creatine, EAA and BCAA amino acids, as well as protein supplements and gainers
  • Resistant to damage and extremely easy to clean
  • Compact size ensures comfort during use and storage
  • Shaker with additional containers – an ideal option for those who use a larger quantity of supplements
  • Ideal gadget for everyday use – also works well in the kitchen, for example for fruit and vegetable smoothies, cocktails, yoghurts or lemonade

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