Water Jug Crater Cap 1,89L Blue / Joogipudel

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The Water Jug by Gaspari is a large water bottle. BPA and aluminum free, dishwasher safe, has a supplement container. For the convenience of use, it has a practical handle and a mouthpiece closed with a latch.

  • Closed with a latch, convenient drinking hole
  • Large capacity water canister
  • Leakproof water container
  • High-quality print
  • The Gaspari canister is dishwasher safe
  • Free of harmful substances: BPA, aluminum and cadmium
  • The water canister has passed toxicity tests at a certified TÜV Rheinland center
  • Built-in pillbox for tablets and capsules
  • It does not take over the smell of liquids stored in it

 that indicates the water level and a drinking mouthpiece that is closed with a latch.

Gaspari Water jugThe Gaspari Nutrition canister is made of really durable plastic that does not absorb the smell of the drinks you hold in it. Additionally, it has a built-in supplement container, where you can store tablets and capsules.

BPA-free container

The product from Gaspari is made of solid plastic and has successfully passed laboratory tests of the toxicity of water containers. These tests prove that the Water Jug Crater Cap canister does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), aluminum and cadmium – ingredients that have an extremely harmful effect on the human body. The tests performed by a certified TÜV Rheinland center can be found in the product card.

Dimensions of the Gaspari Water jug Crater Cap:

Height: 24cm

Circumference: 43cm

Diameter: 13cm

Capacity: 1.89

Kanister wymiary


The Gaspari Water Jug is dishwasher safe

When designing its new canister, the Gaspari brand took into account, above all, the opinions of customers who often complain about the need to wash water containers by hand. The Water Jug by Gaspari has prints that will not break during washing in the dishwasher, the same applies to the material from which the product is made. The twist-off top means you can easily fill it wherever you want, and it also allows for thorough cleaning.

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