• UNS Krea 1000 150 tabs / Kreatiin
Creatine is the highest quality creatine monohydrate, which has repeatedly intensifies anabolic, ergogenic and anti-catabolic effects of creatine. Increases strength and muscle mass with a well-balanced diet. Creatine is highly effective when used correctly, along with a balanced, well-laid diet, proper training and rest. The preparations of creatine are among the most widely used in the market as they guarantee results, on which depends the students to employing them: more muscle, more weight, gain greater strength and improved physical performance during intense exercise. Creatine is not only extremely effective; reasonably applied it is also extremely safe.

- Works anabolic effects, significantly conducive to building lean muscle mass.
- It is beneficial to increase strength and stamina.
- Benefit to the body while reducing body fat.

Servering: 3 tabs befor and arter training

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UNS Krea 1000 150 tabs / Kreatiin

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