• L-Carnitine FEM - 30 Caps / L-Kanitiin

Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM – Our supplement for your body-sculpting program

Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM was specially developed for women, who want to tone their muscles and tissue. This is best achieved by a protein-rich diet and regular efficient muscle building workouts. Many women are working on toning their muscles and tissue, however, often eat hardly any or no meat, fish and dairy products and maintain a largely plant-based diet. This not only causes a protein deficiency, but also a lack of the amino acid-like compound l-carnitine. Like B vitamins, the sulphurous compound is involved in the energy transformation in the powerhouses of the cell, the mitochondria. 

Vitamin C, B6, iron and & zinc for the biosynthesis of protein and l-carnitine

Apart from protein and l-carnitine, the body needs specific other micro-nutrients like vitamin C, B6, iron and zinc for the biosynthesis of protein and l-carnitine. Vitamin C and zinc, for example, support the normal formation of collagen and the natural function of your skin. In addition, vitamin B6 is required for a normal protein synthesis and a normal protein metabolism. Or in other words, the body needs these nutrients for the development of a firm and toned muscle tissue in combination with strength training. 

Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM combined with a systematic strength and muscle training can help support your goal to achieve a firm and toned body tissue. 

L-Carnitine FEM is 100 % vegan

L-Carnitine FEM only consists of carefully selected ingredients and is manufactured entirely without the use of animal raw materials. The innovative fat burner uses plant fibres (cellulose) for its capsule shell instead of the more usual animal gelatine.


Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM – The sure way to fat loss and muscle toning

In addition, most women also want to lose surplus fat. Often, various diets are attempted and the intake if calories is strictly reduced. This often results in a deficiency of vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron and zinc, which in turn hampers the fat catabolism and muscle growth. Only with a sufficient intake of protein of up to 2 g per kilogram body weight combined with vitamin B6 and zinc, is the body able to ensure a normal protein metabolism and protein formation. Apart from than, zinc is responsible for the normal fat metabolism, whereby iron promotes the transportation of oxygen, enabling a better conversion of nutrients such as fats into energy. This is why Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM with its Vital Formula is ideally suited for those aiming to reduce fat and grow muscles.

Combat iron deficiency with iron

Furthermore, the iron in the Body Attack L-Carnitine Vital Formula is responsible for a normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. In particular (active) women suffer from iron deficiency, as iron is excreted during menstruation as well as in the sweat and urine. Also, the excretion of zinc and vitamin C is increased during sports. An iron deficiency reduces the transportation and utilisation of oxygen, resulting in a slower formation and flow of energy. This is why the empty iron reservoirs, such as ferritin, also often cause symptoms like fatigue and lack of motivation. 

This can impede your personal diet and training program for tissue toning and fat loss or even cause you to abandon the entire program. Also, a zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B 6 deficiency will slow down your normal collagen, protein and fat metabolism. The Body Attack L-Carnitine FEM and Vital Formula can help you through deficient levels of l-carnitine and the four micro-nutrients.

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L-Carnitine FEM - 30 Caps / L-Kanitiin

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