• Premium Shaker 1000ml / Šeiker


  • High quality Premium Shaker
  • Available in both 1000ml sizes
  • Guaranteed free of leaking
  • In collaboration with Smartshake!


In collaboration with Smartshake, XXL Nutrition presents to you the brand new Premium Shaker! A durable, sturdy shaker that is 100% free of leaking! The XXL Premium Shaker is the new standard when it comes to shakers. With the choice between a 600 and 1000 ml size, it suits everyone whether you want a regular or extra large shake. The Premium Shaker is the ultimate choice for a serious athlete like you.

We'll warn you up front: When you've tried the Premium Shaker, no other shaker will fill your needs again. The Premium Shaker eliminates the 2 biggerst concerns from people using shakers: leakage and lumps. There has been put a lot of thought in the seamless design, but the results is worth it. Free of leaking. Guaranteed. Thanks to the cone-shaped mixer lumps also are a thing of the past. In just a few moments the powder and fluid combine to a delicious, smooth protein shake. Enjoy!


Our Premium Shaker is available in both:

  • Black 1000ml

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Premium Shaker 1000ml / Šeiker

  • 7.50€

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