• OstroVit Shaker Steel 750ml (silver)

OstroVit Shaker Steel 750 ml (stainless steel) OstroVit once again compromises its customers. The new, professional steel shaker means not only perfect tightness and high durability. OstroVit Shaker Steel is a modern, stylish design, dictated by the latest trends. It's minimal color and an alternative to typical plastic shakers.A new era of steel, reliable Ostrovit shakers is coming !!!

  • 750 ml capacity (ml / oz)
  • Minimalist design
  • Four color versions
  • Novelty!!

OstroVit Shaker Steel 750 ml

OstroVit Shaker Steel is lightweight, and at the same time made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, as well as a highly stable, tight plastic closure. 750 ml shaker capacity will allow you to prepare all your favorite liquid supplements and delicious protein shakes, and the steel material from which the shapers have been made will allow you to maintain the ideal low temperature of your nutrients longer.

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OstroVit Shaker Steel 750ml (silver)

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