OLIMP Beta-Alanine Xplode Powder 250g (orange)

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Nutritional value 3 servings (4,8 g)
Beta-alanine 2400 mg
Vitamin B6 1,47 mg
Potassium salts of orthophosphoric acid 330 mg
inc. potassium 145 mg
inc. phosphorus 53 mg
L-Histidine HCl 120 mg
inc. L-histidine 97,2 mg
Sodium bicarbonate 600 mg
inc. sodium 164,2 mg

Other ingredients
Beta workout formula: Beta-alanine; Vitamin B6. Intracellular acid transport system: Potassium salts of orthophosphoric acid,
including: potassium, phosphorus. L-Histidine HCl of which: L-Histidine. Extracellular acid transport system: Sodium bicarbonate, including: sodium.


  • maintaining the correct level of ATP
  • possibility of longer training with a greater load
  • accelerating muscle regeneration after training and shortening the breaks between training
  • has a positive effect on maintaining proper energy metabolism (vitamin B6)
  • supports the proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6)
  • has a sensational, refreshing orange flavor

Olimp Beta Alanine Xplode Powder is a way to accelerate muscle regeneration, increase muscle strength and reduce fatigue after training.

It is a very good choice for people who experience such ailments as malaise or long-lasting muscle pain after training. The content of creatine monohydrate increases the amount of active substances delivered to the muscles, while vitamin B6 is essential for the proper absorption of nutrients. Beta Alanine Xplode Powder dissolves easily in water and surprises with its unique taste. It is worth betting on when preparations with standard, pure beta-alanine do not give the expected results. A properly selected composition with a large amount of substances supporting the action of beta-alanine guarantees success. The effect of the preparation is felt from the first dose.


Use half a scoop 3 times a day with meals or before training. Dissolve half a scoop (1.6 g of powder) in 50 ml of water. Consume immediately after preparation.

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