• MEX Ronin Boxing Wraps Red 4,5m / Poksi sidemed
MEX RONIN is the name of 4.5 m-long wrist wraps made of durable cotton. They are adjustable to provide support and comfort. Be like a ronin, a warrior without a master, a daimyo for yourself. Like a rogue samurai, build your prestige in the gym or dojo and whether or not you want to project the image of a ruthless criminal is up to you. MEX RONIN will help you gain special powers and confidence. You will feel like wielding a giant tsurugi sword against a small fly. But if you really want to defend your honor, please do not follow the bushido code by committing seppuku, but rather show your skill, technique, strength and mobility, pushing yourself beyond your limits. With MEX U CAN!

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MEX Ronin Boxing Wraps Red 4,5m / Poksi sidemed

  • Tootja: MEX
  • Mudel: mex003
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 7.00€

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