• MEX Pro Wrist Wrappies Black/Yellow 30см / Randmesidemed
MEX WRAPPIES are a shorter (12”/30 cm), chic version of popular “small-wristers”. They are more elastic, offering a snug fit. Their proven thumb loop solution and a Velcro closure provide an exceptional level of support, durability, comfort and adjustment. Whether you work as a butcher, a lumberjack or a computer specialist, this tool could be of great help. In the gym, however, you will go mad with weights. If you have ever had a wrist injury, you will appreciate MEX WRAPPIES greatly. If not, they will help you prevent it. Buy one, get one free. Just kidding. MEX WRAPPIES are sold in pairs. Enter the pressing game now. Because U CAN.

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MEX Pro Wrist Wrappies Black/Yellow 30см / Randmesidemed

  • Tootja: MEX
  • Mudel: mex001
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 10.00€

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