• MEX Fighter Boxing Wraps Yellow 3,5m / Poksi sidemed
MEX FIGHTER wrist wraps are 3.5 m long. Made of elastic material, they are strong and durable. They fit like a custom-made gun that gives you courage and determination, motivating you to face any obstacle in the gym – your battlefield. Know no disgrace – fight your foe face to face. Fear no danger – show your anger and conquer the land, or become a slave. You know that winning is a state of mind, a struggle in your daily routine when you resist weaknesses and stay focused on the target. MEX FIGHTER, dedicated to martial arts, particularly those where a strong punch is needed, is like a lethal weapon in the hands of a commando. Rambo is no fiction. MEX got your back. With MEX U CAN!

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MEX Fighter Boxing Wraps Yellow 3,5m / Poksi sidemed

  • Tootja: MEX
  • Mudel: mex004
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 6.00€

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