Power System Katame Evo BLUE / MMA Kindad

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Gloves for ММА Power System PS 5010 Katame Evo Black / Red, boxing equipment Made from top class genuine leather. Anatomical fit of the glove on the hand provides comfort and convenience. The 3-layer Imt-Gel cushioning system reduces the risk of injury by excelling at absorbing even the toughest shocks. The fixation of the gloves is adapted even for narrow wrists.

  • Gloves material - high quality genuine leather
  • Foam padding to protect hands from bruises and injuries
  • Designed for training and match in MMA
  • Velcro strap secures the glove firmly to the wrist, preventing it from slipping when moving
  • Open palm allows you to practice different types of hits and grips
  • Thumbs up Sits perfectly on hands and does not break fingers
  • Stylish and exclusive design will help you stand out from other fighters

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