Fitness Belt Power Beast / Tõstevöö

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  • 36.58€

- Made of thick and durable leather
- Robust metal buckle for strong belt fit

POWER BEAST - is a belt made of high quality natural, coarse leather. The 3830 Power BEAST Belt is designed for power trainers such as weightlifting, bodybuilding and crossfit. Its purpose is to protect the lumbar spine during free workouts and prevent possible injuries with high overloads. The 3830 Power BEAST belt is primarily recommended for heavy weight individuals who are particularly vulnerable to injuries and injuries. Using a body belt during exercises such as bar stools, dead weight, paddling in the fall, cushioning, stretching, squeezing on a flat bench increases the pressure in the abdomen and thus stabilizing the spine in the lumbar region, making it less susceptible to injury. And additionally it supports the correct technique of exercising.

Size Waist*
M 67 - 88cm
L 78 - 99cm
XL 88 - 109cm
*The waist circumference is applied when loosening the belt. The difference in tightness
of the belt may be as much as 10cm.

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