Shaker Nuclear Nutrition 500 ml Yellow/Black / Šeiker

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Without this gadget it is hard to think about fast and easy way to prepare supplements for each workout! The shaker from NUCLEAR NUTRION consists of three parts, which guarantee
trouble-free and extremely comfortable storage of nutrients, e.g. in your bag during training or in your backpack when you travel to work or out of town. The high strength of the material used guarantees an optimum level of protection against damage, while the robust closure provides an adequate seal and prevents the contents from escaping.


What are the benefits of the NUCLEAR NUTRITION SHAKER 500 ML?

  • A real must-have for all fans of an active lifestyle, recommended for all sports disciplines.
  • Handy and small in size, it is easy to use and store - fits easily into a backpack or bag
  • Three-part construction – 500ml beverage container and two additional parts (for powder and capsules/tablets)
  • The best gadget for preparing nutrients and supplements in powder form
  • Strong and durable material that does not hold smells and is easy to wash – no problems with keeping it clean
  • High leakage guarantees no unexpected leaks
  • Careful workmanship in color and construction – the product is made to the highest standard

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