• Caffeine 200mg 90 caps / Kofeiin

Prozis Caffeine – The quickest and most practical way to benefit from the power of caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical compound with stimulant properties. It is the most popular energetic substance in the world, promoting a reinvigorating sensation and enhancing focus and reflexes. On the other hand, caffein is also widely used as a thermogenic by people trying to lose fat.

However, your conventional cup of coffee comes with some disadvantages: it stains your teeth, it can cause stomach discomfort and, when taken with sugar, it increases your daily caloric intake without you even noticing it.

Why take Caffeine?

With Caffeine by you get all the advantages of caffeine , without the downsides of regular coffee, since it brings you the intense power of this compound in convenient and practical capsules. Each capsule supplies twice the amount of caffeine you would have with a normal cup of coffee, and issugar and calorie-free.

Whether you’re dragging yourself around the office in the morning or in need of a quick and safe energy boost before hitting the gym, with Caffeine you can have your caffeine fix anywhere, anytime.

Caffeine Highlights:

  • 200 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Twice the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee
  • Stimulant properties
  • Widely used as a thermogenic
  • Practical and convenient capsules
  • Sugar and calorie-free
  • Top quality product

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Caffeine 200mg 90 caps / Kofeiin

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