Body Attack Advent Calendar 2022 / Jõulukalender

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The BODY ATTACK ADVENT CALENDAR is the perfect choice to support the following goals:

  • Muscle building and muscle maintenance
  • muscle definition
  • Covering an increased protein requirement
For whom is the BODY ATTACK ADVENT CALENDAR suitable?

  • fitness athlete
  • athletes
  • Protein-deficient individuals

You know us, we want to bring you closer to your goals! For this reason, every fitness snack in your ADVENT CALENDAR is equipped with high-quality proteins! You can pursue your goals and enjoy at the same time. We call that: win-win!

Use the time to recover and give your body protein building blocks to build muscle*! You come out of the recovery phase stronger and can attack your next goals! Speaking of goals, useful insider tips are hidden in every box! Take a look and maybe youüll discover the one clue that will make the difference in your performance!

Are you looking for a good present for a performer who loves sweets? The BODY ATTACK ADVENT CALENDAR will make your heart beat faster! We combine SWEET and FUNCTIONAL! If you want sweets, you donüt have to make any compromises with BODY ATTACK!

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