• BCAA + EAA transport system 301 tablet / Aminohapped
BCAA + EAA Transport System 301 caps

BCAA + EAA Transport System is a modern combination of BCAA and EAA amino acids with a natural blend of vitamins - an accelerator of transport to muscles.

Each tablet consists of two colors: the green part contains transport ingredients and the white amino acids. Amino acids with branched chains: valine, leucine and isoleucine have extremely useful abilities for people who dream of impeccable, muscular figure and get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

The beneficial BCAA 2: 1: 1 ratio is verified by the latest research as the most effective combination. BCAA + EAA diet supplement The transport system plays an important role in the body's biological processes, the most important of which are muscle growth and regeneration, collagen synthesis and increase in dopamine levels. The addition of the EAA amino acid blend will provide you with proper growth, nutrition and muscle recovery after physical exertion and injuries.

The human body is not able to create all the essential amino acids so-called exogenous therefore they must be delivered to the body together with food. Sometimes, however, the diet itself is not enough. People who consume small amounts of protein in the diet should take BCAA in the form of dietary supplements to help muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth. They can also be used to prevent fatigue in novice athletes

With the help comes the BCAA + EAA dietary supplement, which is the source of a complete set of amino acids necessary to create muscle mass. You can easily take care of the supply of amino acids with a new and effective BCAA formula that will supplement the amino acid deficiencies necessary to build a muscular silhouette. The product has been enriched with a special blend of vitamins: B, C, D, E, GLA, Fe, K, Ca, Cu, Mg, which will significantly accelerate the transport of amino acids, which is especially important to avoid catabolism.

With the revolutionary BCAA supplement, you do not have to worry about muscle loss any more, and what's more, you'll give them perfect conditions to grow!

The ideal time for BCAA supplementation is around training hours. In addition to building new muscle tissue, BCAA during the reduction diet before the competition, i.e. in the period of reduced caloric intake, are unique compounds that protect muscle mass from burning.

Leucine affects the synthesis of skeletal muscles in several ways: it increases the secretion of insulin, a powerful anabolic in our body, affects the protein kinase S6 activity, accelerates phosphorylation of the binding protein eIf4E and affects the degree of binding between proteins (eIF) 4E and eIF4G. All this, despite complicated sound and naming, boils down to a very simple assertion - Leucine increases the degree and speed of protein utilization for muscle building.

Isoleucine - the supply of large amounts of Leucine causes a reduction in the level of the other two amino acids: Isoleucine and Valine, which is why it is so important to use all three compounds together. In addition, Isoleucine is classified as glucogenic amino acids, ie those that the body can easily and quickly transform into the energy necessary for its functioning. This means that we will be able to not only train longer and more intensively, but also to regenerate faster.

Valina's presence in this combination is due not only to the aforementioned need to administer all three BCAA amino acids together but also to reduce central nervous system fatigue. In addition, as with the other two amino acids, it is easily converted into the energy consumed by working muscles and thus allows to save glycogen stores accumulated in the liver


5 tablets before, during or after training. Drink with the right amount of water. The maximum daily dose is 15 tablets.

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BCAA + EAA transport system 301 tablet / Aminohapped

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