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  • ATTACK SHOT - 60ml / Enne trenni Booster
The nutrient combination in the Body Attack ATTACK SHOTs has a lot to offer: it will bring you to a higher energy and performance Level. Now even the most extreme training will be fun. Body Attack ATTACK SHOT (60 ml) is ideal for your fat burning training or muscle growth workout programme, if you are aiming at maximising a fat-free muscle mass.

Product highlights

  • Energy Boost Formula with a real Impact
  • Contains 200 mg caffeine and 1000 mg taurine
  • 3000 mg L-citrulline (CitruSyn) for the arginine and NO metabolism
  • 500 mg L-glycine for creatine synthesis 
  • 2000 mg beta alanine for the training muscles 
  • 500 mg L-tyrosine as basic component of thyroid hormones and L-dopamine 
  • Bioperine® for the improved absorption of nutrients 
  • Vitamin B6 for a normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • Easy dispensing

Powerful Energy Boost Formula

the powerful Energy Boost Formula includes 200 mg caffeine, 1000 mg taurine, 500 mg glucuronolactone and vitamin B6. Caffeine has the ability to increase your concentration and muscle endurance. Vitamin B6 on the other hand, helps to regulate the normal protein and glycogen metabolism. In particular, the glycogen stores of the muscles are strongly called upon during training sessions, as the stored carbohydrates are converted into muscle power. During a cardio fat burning workout, empty carbohydrates stores will trigger an increased protein metabolism. This means that the muscles will now also use the protein elements as a substitute for carbohydrates and energy.

The Energy ATTACK SHOT by Body Attack therefore supports the normal energy metabolism as well as the protein metabolism during the muscle growing or definition phase.

In addition, Body Attack ATTACK SHOT supplies the body with amino acids such as L-citrulline, L-tyrosine, L-glycine and beta alanine, which are important during an increased metabolic charge during workout. L-citrulline, like L-arginine, regulates the conversion processes within the scope of the protein metabolism, whereby L-citrulline supports the production of arginine in cases of increased demand. For this reason, L-citrulline is also incorporated in the arginine and nitrogen oxide (NO) metabolism. Furthermore, the production of creatine and beta alanine increases during intensive training, whereby both substances enable short and intensive muscle activity.

Includes CitruSyn – the purest form of L-citrulline

CitruSyn contains the purest form of L-citrulline, as no further compounds such as malate are attached. This makes CitruSyn by Body Attack the best and most effective form of L-citrulline on the market; as it supplies the body with 100% L-citrulline. 
For comparison: Many L-citrulline products contain only 70% L-citrulline.

Whilst the Body Attack product offers a highly dosed and 100% pure form of L-citrulline for supporting your training goals and nutrition programme. Moreover, CitruSyn by Body Attack is Made in Germany and is of pharmaceutical quality.

Neurotransmitters and hormones for intensive Training

During workout and intensive training, the exercise metabolism also relies on neurotransmitters in the brain and hormones such as thyroid hormones, adrenaline, noradrenaline and L-dopamine. L-tyrosine, like L-phenylalanine or L-glycine, is one of the basic components of these hormones and is fed into the hormone metabolism. L-glycine is also an element used for the production of creatine. 

During intensive training, the oxidative stress in the cells increases, which in turn is regulated by endogenous antioxidants. In more detail, this is the antioxidative enzyme complex made up of catalase and glutathione peroxidase, whereby taurine is said to have similar properties. In addition, micro-nutrients such as the vitamins B2, C and E and minerals like zinc, copper, manganese and selenium play an important role - which is the reason why athletes should pay attention to eating a balanced and varied diet.

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ATTACK SHOT - 60ml / Enne trenni Booster

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