• Kinesion Tape 5sm x 5m / Kinesioteip

Prozis Kinesio Tape – Don’t let anything stop you

As a professional athlete or active person, you know that nothing slows you down more than pain and injury. Designed to give support and stability to your muscles and joints,  Kinesio Tape will keep you comfortable and confident so you can perform at your very best.

Kinesio Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments and tendons to provide external support that will help you remain active while recovering from soreness and injuries. It is widely used among athletes for common sports injuries like lower back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and others.

Developed by ProzisKinesio Tape is an elastic cotton tape that can stretch up to 160%-170% of its original length. Its high-quality materials provide unidirectional elasticity, allowing for a significant range of motion in length but avoiding stretch in width. You will have stable support without the restriction usually associated with wraps and heaving bracing. Also, the cotton fibres provide quicker drying as well as durability and comfort.

Kinesio Tape will work like a second skin, lasting through different physical activities, sweat, showers, raining, humidity… So, keep your rhythm and go for your goals, fearlessly!

Kinesio Tape Highlights:

  • Provides support to muscles and joints
  • Commonly used for sport injuries
  • Made of cotton (96% cotton and 4% spandex)
  • 160% to 170% of elasticity
  • Dimensions: 5cm x 5m
  • Peeling strength: 1.4N/cm - 1.8N/cm

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Kinesion Tape 5sm x 5m / Kinesioteip

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